ᑕ❶ᑐ Adriel opens the game, admits a mistake to Gremio and says he didn’t like Renato’s criticism: « It hurts a lot »

ᑕ❶ᑐ Adriel opens the game, admits a mistake to Gremio and says he didn’t like Renato’s criticism: « It hurts a lot »

Adriel spoke for the first time after the controversy in which he was the center of attention at the guildLosing the starting position in goal and receiving criticism from Renato Gaucho, who spoke harshly with the athlete’s agents.

The goalkeeper spoke on social networks in a content video post of more than 8 minutes where he defends himself against criticism for having granted an interview without Gremio’s agreement to Rádio Gaúcha which will be broadcast this Saturday (29) .

The video shows the news published in recent days and contains testimony from the family of the athlete who defends it.

“I think it needs to be very clear, I want to be punished for my mistakes and not for my choices, for what I think is best for me,” Adriel says. “The way it was said hurt me a lot. It hurt me, my wife, my parents, my whole family. »

« It was an interview I gave and I ended up saying what I shouldn’t have said there, but not out of spite. It’s something that I really like. I also love the repercussion it has. I wanted the fans to bag a bit more about my story. The intention of the interview was this, to talk a bit about Adriel, about my essence,” he said.

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Adriel’s reason for fighting with Renato and Gremio

According to the newspaper Zero Hora, the tricolor coach and Gremista’s board of directors did not appreciate the fact that the athlete gave an interview to the program « Paredão do Guerrinha », on Rádio Gaúcha, « without the consent of superiors.

Detail: the interview has not even been broadcast and will not be broadcast in full until next Saturday (29).

Expected, an extra already anticipated by Zero Hora, in which Adriel evokes the defensive strategies of Renato, a displeasure at the high command of the club.

“The older ones are in front. In the corners, Villasanti and (Luis) Suárez remained, the two defenses and the laterals remaining in the middle to attack the ball. Suarez takes over. If the ball passes a lot, I leave. It happened against Santos. In those higher balls, I take responsibility,” the keeper said.

Coach Renato Gaucho spoke again on Tuesday about the situation of goalkeeper Adriel, who lost his place in the starting lineup of the guild after some « acts of indiscipline ». The athlete remains out of the squad in Thursday’s game against ABCpour the Brazil Cup.

“He was not known, he worked, he did well and won the job. Now he has stepped on the ball, (Gabriel) Chapecó has entered, he has done well and will be maintained,” the commander warned after team training.

Renato Gaucho guarantees he won’t take Adriel’s case personally. O the coach even released an official note after being accused by an influencer (« Sperotto TV ») of pressuring the goalkeeper to get closer to his coach (Paulo Roberto Junges, Gauchinho).

“Soon the opportunity will present itself. Adriel continues to work and, when the opportunity arises, it’s up to him. He will no longer be punished, unless he commits another act of indiscipline,” Commander Gremista said.

“My relationship with him is very good. He admitted his mistake there in Belo Horizonte. He said the following: we are doing this for your own good. It caught his attention. These are things that you (the press) don’t know. He walked on the club president. Look at Luis (Suárez), the professional he is, he might want benefits. Follow his example. Look what Geromel, Kannemann is. Follow good examples. Nobody knew Adriel. You can’t think overnight that you’re the guy you can do whatever you want. It’s not like that with me. Grêmio is in control,” he added.

On top of that, Renato Gaucho wanted to congratulate the young goalkeeper Gremista. » (Adriel) He is a good boy, he has a big heart, I like it. He knows it. One day, he speaks out and you (the journalists) will be able to ask for everything. I do not remove a comma from what I said, « commented the coach, repeating again that » Gremio is in command « .

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