ᑕ❶ᑐ From Endrick and Antony to unexploded promises: the latest stars of Copinha, who gets Kevin elected in 2023

Alviverde won his second consecutive title in the tournament this Wednesday afternoon (25)

O Palm trees is champion of Sao Paulo Junior Cup for the second consecutive year. This Wednesday (25), the team won the America-MG 2-1 to Canindé and won the tournament cup.

E the star of the competition has left the alviverde team. Kevin’s number 11 jerseyreserved for 2022, managed to be the big name in the campaign and received the award.

“Something very beautiful to experience! We were crowned with the championship. Thanks to this wonderful public who supported us. We did not stop fighting and, thank God, the championship came to us,” he said in an interview with Globo TV.

In the coupé campaign, the striker has scored five goals and delivered five assistsalready attracting the attention of even European (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

Among past winners of the award, many have done so, while others have fallen short of expectations. Check out the latest 10 Cup stars below:

2022: Endrick

Champion and highlight for Palmeiras, Endrick became a starter for the team the same year. Already at the age of 16 he was sold to the real Madrid for BRL 370 million, going to the club in 2025, when he turns 18.

2020: Bruno Praxedes

Widely used by Eduardo Coudet in the professional team, praxede never established himself as a holder in the International. In 2021 it is on sale Red Bull Bragantino for BRL 35.9 million.

2019: Anthony

Anthony was promoted to holder in the profession Sao Paulo by Fernando Diniz at the end of 2019, but was sold to ajax a later for environment 74 million reais. At the start of the current season, everything is there Manchester United.

2018: Liziero

same with the second, Igor Liziero He is one of the stars of the 2018 campaign and he quickly rises in the professional team with Diego Aguirre, but he is also with the critics. In 2022, he is ready for the International, can return at the beginning of January.

2017: Pedro

Climax you are champion Corinthians, pedrinho became a fan favorite and established himself as a starter. In 2020, it’s on the market BenficaBut returned to Brazil in mid-2022 to play for Atletico MG.

2016: Felipe Vizeu

decide for the flamenco, Vice he quickly rose to the pro team, even becoming a team regular the following year. In 2018 it was sold to Udinese, but, without firming up, was borrowed a few times. In 2023, the will act for Atlético GO.

2015: Gabriel Jesus

Even without being crowned champion, gabriel jesus a te the highlight and quickly established itself as a starter, being an important name for Palmeiras in the Brazil Cup from 2015 etc Brasileirao 2016. It was sold to Manchester City After gold at the 2016 Olympics, he moved on in January 2017. He remained with the team until July when he was sold to arsenal.

2014: Lucas Otavio

Highlight in the championship saints, Lucas Otavio he became a starter at Paulista that year, but he never established himself as a starter again. He decided to hang up his boots early after being loaned out a few times and is currently a businessman.

2013: Leandrinho

Another Menino da Vila that fell short of expectations was Leandrinho, who started in some matches, but ended up losing space. The news in this Mafraportugal second division club.

2012: Marcos Jr.

Big Vice Name Fluminense, Marcos Jr. quickly returned attention with a but on his debut for the professional in the final of the cariocan championship against Botafogo. He was loaned out and returned to Flu, but since 2019 he has been playing for Yokohama Marinesyou japanese