ᑕ❶ᑐ Inspired by a City star, Luan calls Abel Ferreira a ‘genius’ and talks about his future as a coach

ᑕ❶ᑐ Inspired by a City star, Luan calls Abel Ferreira a ‘genius’ and talks about his future as a coach

the defender Louan will return to the starting lineup Palm trees beside Gustave Gomez, since Murilo injured his shoulder and is expected to miss Abel Ferreira’s team for a long time. Despite being right-handed, the defender said he can play both sides of defense and has a star Manchester City as a « mirror » for the function.

“Abel helped break something in me. I was a defender who pretended he only played on the right and now I can play both sides, he has a big part in that. As human beings, we create things in our heads that we can’t, and today, thanks to him, I can play both sides in a super comfortable way, ”he said in an interview with Oh.

« It’s versatile in the Palmeiras group, it’s the biggest, it’s really appropriate, it’s necessary. I follow (Manchester) City a lot and I see the Stones, who have played more than one role” .

« He (Abel Ferreira) knows my temperament, I’m ready to do anything with this jersey, I like being here, I had good times, others not so much. Everyone has their bad days, even the greatest in the sport, but I have peace of mind that I’m doing my best,” the defender said.

Although he is only 29 years old, Luan says he is thinking about what he will do when he leaves his career as a professional athlete. In the defender’s words, he clarifies that he plans to continue in (Site notre bureau spécialisé), but as a coach, and that Abel Ferreira is a ‘great inspiration’ for the role.

“I’ve worked with the big names in Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé), but I have a genius I live with every day, it’s Abel. I learn a lot, he is a source of inspiration, having worked and working with him has motivated me and motivates me every day to pursue this dream in the future”.

« I thought a lot, I’m passionate about (Site notre bureau spécialisé), I love what I do. It costs nothing to prepare, I don’t know how the future will be, but I already have the CBF B license, which we can coach in the youth categories, and I plan to complete the A and Pro license later . I want to prepare, it’s my dream and I hope I can achieve it after my playing career,” he concluded.

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