🎙 Buli’s votes on Tuesday: « Nothing to look for in the Bundesliga »

🎙 Buli’s votes on Tuesday: « Nothing to look for in the Bundesliga »

Schalke get a real hit, Hertha too and Kimmich prevent the Cologne sensation. That’s what the coaches had to say about it.

Thomas Reis (Schalke): “It was an absolutely disappointing performance. We were only able to rely on Frankfurt’s performance at certain points in the second half. If, like in the first half, you don’t accept any tackles and let the opposition run, then if we were to repeat that performance, we have no place in the Bundesliga. »

Marco Rose (Leipzig): « After the 4-0 break, it was clear that Schalke were going to adjust some things. That’s why we had some problems in the second half and didn’t put our game on the pitch the way we wanted. We wanted to keep a clean sheet, but we didn’t manage to do that. We were able to take advantage of the first half from the back and score two more very, very nice goals. That’s a very high score!

Julian Nagelsmann (Bavaria): « I consider the point deserved. In the phase when Cologne were still playing at the diamond, we could have used the space better. Then Cologne changed and it became more difficult. We made the change at half-time « , then it got better. If we score earlier, it will be more difficult from Cologne’s point of view. In the end it was the very late equalizer that did us a lot of good. But two points from these two games are not enough for us.

Steffen Baumgart (Cologne): “I’m completely satisfied, it was a very good performance. We were back because we had no other chance. We played against the best team. Bayern are just good. So I’m happy with the point. »

Sandro Schwarz (Hertha): « I think we got on really badly. We didn’t have access to it in the first half. It was better in the second half. But overall it was disappointing.

Niko Kovac (Wolfsburg): « A deserved win. The first half was the best we’ve played this season. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but we made it easy for ourselves. I’m happy but still focused on what’s next to arrive. »

Andre Breitenreiter (Hoffenheim): « Greetings from the groundhog every day. Our tactical plan worked perfectly. We won a lot of balls and always quickly won the majority in open spaces. The equalizer shortly before the break then fell out of nowhere, which created uncertainty and we lacked ease.

Bruno Labbadia (Stuttgart): “We saw two different halves. We missed a few things in the first half, and I talked about it during the break. In the second half, we showed another face. With such a young team, it’s not so easy to switch like that. We deserve the lead. My feeling is that we would have won the game if we hadn’t been sent off. »