📸 With a white vest & under the palm trees: The best Christmas photos of the stars

Not only do (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers often have extravagant taste in fashion and cars, but our stars’ Christmas photos always look great. We evaluate the best specimens.

+ A clean slate is also important for Neuer at Christmas

– Judging by the facial expression, the gifts were pretty so average

– really small tree

+ very good player

+ balanced decorated tree

– Thiago in a t-shirt; if possible, you shouldn’t see climate change in a Christmas photo

– According to the media, the Smurfs who brought the tree to Salah were not allowed to stay to eat

+ Why a Christmas tree when you can only have several palm trees?

– The reindeer looks a little fake

+ Erling Haaland in pajamas

– No gifts under the tree