1st Bundesliga victory since November: Schalke puts Stuttgart on the ground and is very close

Great 3 points against Bochum, even if the game was meh, it doesn’t matter. Back to 0, 3 goals ahead, great. 30 points already, I think standing is a mere formality. Nothing burns anymore.

As far as Schalke is concerned, yes you are sending signs of life. At first glance, the record looks pretty good for the last 5 games…no loss, just one goal. But also only 2 own goals and together only 7 points. You’ll need a few more 3s and I just doubt Schalke have enough attacking power for that.

Ultimately, the « race » to relegation will again be decided by the weaker teams, not necessarily those with the « quality ».

I was pretty sure VFB would get at least a draw and keep Schalke well below. But this defeat against Schalke worries Stuttgart a lot. Especially since the coach has just changed and there are no positive signs.

Then there is Bochum, which has already had its « intermediate high » and returned to reality.

Well, Hertha is anything but good…and then we have TSG, whose drop in the table is almost unprecedented. And the coaching change there hasn’t had an effect so far either…damn, on matchday 11 they were still in 4th place (!) but since then there’s been no has more than 2 points in 12 games, it’s a shame for a record.

All in all, the relegation battle is very exciting again, I didn’t count on it, I decided Bochum and Schalke were relegated early, but I guess I’ll have to row. Since it has also been shown that Stuttgart, Hertha and Hoffenheim are probably not suitable for the Bundesliga this season either.

What adds to the tension is that the rest of the program for all « participants » is virtually identical. With the exception of Schalke, who still have big chunks ahead of them in the last 3 matchdays, at least in theory, based on how strong the table above is in the last matchdays, it’s also entirely possible that the best teams leave to work halfway, which can even be an advantage for Schalke.

Let’s see how things go from here, I’m just glad Werder don’t play a role in the relegation battle anymore except as opponents for the teams.