An OM player is very expensive: « We did not expect it »

When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Very quickly, I realized that my feet are not enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

On loan from Manchester United to OM, Éric Bailly missed a lot of games due to his injuries. From the beginning of the year, the Ivorian defender was suspended seven games for a very gross foul, one more problem in his season. Back this weekend, Bailly will « need time » recognizes Igor Tudor, especially after such a suspension which no one expected.

Back on the pitch with theOM for post World Cup recovery, Eric Bailly fell from above. Holder vs. Hyeres in the Coupe de France, the Ivorian international had been expelled for a very dangerous gesture. Even if there was no will to hurt, Bailly was aware of the violence of his intervention and the commission did not miss it either. The FFF has decided to suspend Eric Bailly for seven meetings.

“It will take some time”

Saturday, a clermontthe ready player Manchester United will make a comeback with theOM.  » He will be in the group. He brings a plus in a game sector where other players have performed well. It will take him some time to regain his rhythm. “, announces Igor Tudor at a press conference this Friday. Good news for theOMespecially that Chancel Mbemba will be suspended against the PSG in two weeks.

« His return to do us a lot of good »

Also present in front of the media, Jonathan Clauss returned to the reinstatement ofEric Bailly.  » His return will do us a lot of good. It was not easy for him his suspension, we did not expect it. He had a little time to cut, but he was ultra professional. He works as much as the others. We see him every day, he works a lot, he doesn’t flinch, he always has a smile “said the right piston of theOM. While he should start on Saturday, Bailly will have the opportunity to definitively launch his season, he who has been hampered by physical glitches for a while.