Soccer. The disappointment of Manchois Frédéric Guilbert, in total vagueness about his future  Soccer.  The disappointment of Manchois Frédéric Guilbert, in total vagueness about his future


Frédéric Guilbert resumed training on Monday with Aston Villa, but the Manchois is in total limbo regarding his future. (©Twitter/Aston Villa)

Under contract until 2023 with Aston Villa, Frederic Guilbert don’t say pass where he will play this season. after 18 months full of ups and downs at the be of the English clubthe Valognes sort of two consecutive loans (again 18 months) very satisfied with Strasbourgwhere he rediscovered the pleasure of playing and performed well.

the 27 year old fullback would have been well seen to continue in Alsace, but the leaders did not seek to keep it. “Racing has contacted all the right-backs of League 1, drink me (laughs). I’m disappointed because when you open doors and your heart, you don’t like having the door slammed in your face, » he named in an interview with Alsa’Sports.


The value of Frédéric Guilbert is estimated at 5 million euros.

Strasbourg a last option for the loan of Parisian Colin Dagba, which therefore closes the door to a return from Frédéric Guilbert. Le Manchois seems to resent the decision-makers of the recently 6e League 1.

« Aston Villa have set my departure at 5 million, but that doesn’t mean that’s the final price. It’s not for me to say that. In a negotiation, it doesn’t matter which one, it’s like for a house, you set a price and then you discuss. What bothers me is that Strasbourg does not try… Unless I simply do not enter into the plans. If so, I wish you were honest with me. »

Frederic Guilbert

« I don’t know how it will turn out »

The former playerAS Cherbourg and you SM Caen however, did not make it a question of money. « I don’t have an English D1 car salary when I signed for Villa, they were in the second division. I have often repeated that I was closed to nothing. The efforts that I am ready to make with Strasbourg, I will not make for others! “, he assures Alsa’Sports.

In the absence of a proposal, Frédéric Guilbert therefore resumes training this Monday, July 4, 2022 With Aston Villa, under the orders of Steven Gerrard, without any certainty as to his future.

« I don’t know how it’s going to be at all. I’m going to do what I know how to do, kick and give my best. »

Frederic Guilbert

Whilean interest from Everton – quickly denied by those around him – had been mentioned, in L1, the requests are not legion. “The market is at a standstill. As long as there is no right-back departure, it will not move. And all the clubs could not do it financially, ”recognizes the Valognese.

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