Feel good stories: return of OG diver, positively mad Napoli

Feel good stories: return of OG diver, positively mad Napoli

Party, Cinderella story and lots of love for trainers. Once again, these feel-good stories have everything a fan’s heart desires. Now is the time to read and enjoy.

Animal Festival in Frankfurt

When it comes to animals, we are all heartbroken. So much the better if they find their place in the world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé). In the case of Attila even a very special one. The golden eagle is the stadium mascot of Eintracht Frankfurt, and of course the mascots also have birthdays.

Attila turned 19 during the week and of course received the warmest congratulations from SBU via ‘Twitter’. We wish him a lot of joy in his work and of course all the best for the future.

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Penalty killer Pöhls

Imagine: it’s your birthday, you’re making your sixth league appearance in the last four years and you even score a penalty for your team. That’s exactly what happened to Shamrock Rovers goalkeeper Léon Pöhls last week.

The 26-year-old German saved his side from the penalty spot in the fight for top spot in the Irish Premier Division. Rovers are currently only a point behind leaders Bohemian. The story becomes all the more amazing when you consider that Pöhl didn’t even have a professional education in Germany, but was trained by Eintracht Norderstedt when he was young.

Once again it is true that in principle everything is possible in (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Keep going Leon!

Everybody aboard

Do you think you have seen everything in your life? So you weren’t expecting Napolis fans. pyro, flags and trumpets are a thing of the past. This Gli Azzurri Pendant celebrated the Naples championship on a boat without further ado.

However, they did not cross the sea as usual, but through the streets of the coastal city. We hope everyone involved is safe and thank you for this curious and fun video.

A special carer

Excuse me, Napoli fans again. However, we simply couldn’t and didn’t want to hide these scenes from you. The fact that the fans are happy to take a blade of grass out of the stadium after the decisive game for the championship is nothing new.

But, the care with which the Neapolitans in this case pack the small souvenirs has its place in ours Feel good stories won. If men treat their own children with at least as much love, they deserve special praise at this point. Assume that for now. memo to Udinese: You might need a new lawn…

Glasner does the OG diver

It was just beautiful during the week. Oliver Glasner was truly celebrated by Frankfurt fans after the DFB Cup semi-final. Visibly moved by so much appreciation, the coach did not have to be asked twice and launched a flawless dive on the lawn of Stuttgart. He had already done so after the European Cup victories last season.

With so much authenticity and love for the coach, the heart of any (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fan can only melt.