Football: against goal (b), longueau finally hopes to take off in the standings

Football: against goal (b), longueau finally hopes to take off in the standings

NATIONAL 3 – The Longacoissiens in a new opportunity to unlock their counter, this Sunday at home against the Lensoise reserve.

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Despite encouraging performances, the Longacoissiens are still looking for their first points. They remain on four consecutive defeats: 3 in the league and one, in the Coupe de France, against Chantilly.

We are on the right path
“However, consider their coach, Christophe Huck, whose players are not currently rewarded at the accounting level. The elimination against the Cantilians on penalties, last weekend during the 4th round of the Coupe de France (2-2, 9-10 pens), illustrated once again all the difficulty of translating a good performance into good results.

However, there is no question of talking about a lack of success for the Longueau coach: “
Success or luck provokes itself. If we don’t get the proposed results, it’s because we lack a hint of quality, a higher requirement, which will come gradually.
« .

Christophe Huck, however, understands the impatience of observers and supporters in terms of results.  »
Our matches could have tipped in our favour. You have to manage to unblock the situation and gain confidence.

This Sunday against the reserve of RC Lens, sixth with six points, he hopes that his players will not be inhibited: “
It is Lens but it is also their reserve. A National 3 team like ours and we have to increase our level of play to get a result.
“For his second home game, he will have his entire squad.


Sunday, October 2 in Longueau, 3 p.m., at the Émile-Noël stadium.

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