Football: FC Sète takes a very embarrassing step

Football: FC Sète takes a very embarrassing step

The defeat at Hyères, with the incredible score of 11-1 this Saturday, April 29, adds an embarrassing piece to the file…

If you have a legitimate need to book the team for the Regional 1 match in the Montpellier Atlas, FC Sète has reached and peaked. Or hit rock bottom, depending. But unfortunately it did not take long to see the slump reach a new level.


This Saturday, on the lawn of Hyères, the image of the club has once again been tarnished. And not just a little. Those who were able to take a look at the score at half-time (4-1) must have thought that once again, and unsurprisingly, the « Green and White » were going to come back with their butts red. But they were necessarily far from thinking that the second half would see the Varois write, on average, a goal every 6’30 »…

A historic rouste, for the club as for any level of national competition, which raises the question more than ever. Should we really continue the torture? By appearing on the lawn every week, FC Sète honors its engagement. But does he really do (Site notre bureau spécialisé) justice?