Football (Regional 1): Camon paled at home against Marck-en-Calaisis

Football (Regional 1): Camon paled at home against Marck-en-Calaisis

The US Camon completely missed his first day of Regional 1.

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Reduced to 10 just before half-time, Camon lost heavily to Marck-en-Calaisis (0-3), this Sunday, September 18, at the opening of the Regional 1 championship.
It was a very frustrating game, with some surprising plays, such as the red card on the second goal, or a defensive error on the first.
“, says the goalkeeper, Tom Rogier. The expulsion of Ramla (45th + 2) does not in itself justify the performance of the Camonois who missed out.

And it started in the 7th minute of play with a ball stolen by Danset from the feet of the same Ramla, to open the scoring (0-1). A gross defensive error which the midfielder is close to making up for, but his header is saved on the line by an opposing defender (27th).

« We had a hard time imposing our game »

Despite this opportunity, Camon is feverish in defense, like Badibanga and Delgove, but also uninspired offensively.  »
The opponent was annoying. He came looking high, so we had a hard time imposing our game
“Explicitly Rogier. Well organized and dangerous, Marck-en-Calaisis can count on its nº9, Maison, untenable and multiplying the races. Rogier also rejects one of his attempts (45th + 1) before the red card received by Ramla. Following a corner, the latter puts his hand to prevent Marck’s second goal. The ball entered, but the referee chose to expel the Samarian and designate the penalty spot, which is transformed by Framery (45th + 3, 0-2).

The second half is more closed, even if Maison is close to worsening the score (52nd and 59th). It was finally Kehli, who came into play shortly after the break, who scored again but with a powerful shot under the bar (83rd, 0-3). Doucouré is close to reducing the score, after having eliminated 3 opposing defenses, but failed in front of the goal (88th).

Camon will now seek to bounce back in two weeks at Steenvorde by showing more and more rigor.

Camon-Marck-en-Calaisis: 0-3 (0-2)

BUT – Danset (7th), Framery (45th + 3 sp), Kehli (83rd).

EXPULSION – Camon: Ramla (45th + 2).

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