Football: « We did not deserve to win », reacts Philippe Hinscherger after the defeat of Amiens against Saint-Étienne

Football: « We did not deserve to win », reacts Philippe Hinscherger after the defeat of Amiens against Saint-Étienne

LIGUE 2 (13th day) – Philippe Hinscherger, coach of Amiens SC, and his Saint-Etienne counterpart Laurent Batlles reacted to the outcome of the defeat of the Picards (1-0) at home this Saturday, October 22.

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Amiens SC were beaten 1-0 by Saint-Étienne this Saturday, October 22 at home.

After this first setback of the season at La Licorne, his coach Philippe Hinschberger especially regretted the inability of his team to force the Stephanois lock.

Philippe Hinschberger (entrepreneur of Amiens SC)

“I’m disappointed with the result because we didn’t deserve this but we didn’t deserve to win either. We should have taken a point. We spent a too quiet and unemotional afternoon. On a purred our (Site notre bureau spécialisé). We did not see our ability to react after their but as we were able to do in previous meetings. It’s not the match we expected but I don’t blame my players. We were not sharp on our recoveries. It remained very closed. Like my team, I was not very good. We lose one point and not three because it is not a match that we can win. I’m disappointed we couldn’t ignite it. »

Laurent Batlles (Saint-Étienne coach)

“I’m smiling, I saw a lot of play, self-sacrifice and envy. During a meeting with a team at the top of the table. On a product something has chosen very correct. The players showed that they had mental strength by having a little success at the end of the meeting compared to the previous days. Our goalkeeper, Dreyer, allowed us to stay in the game and he brought serenity by making a good save in the first half. »

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