France 98: Vieira lets loose on Deschamps!

France 98: Vieira lets loose on Deschamps!

Former partner of Didier Deschamps in the midfield team of France, Patrick Vieira rarely misses the opportunity to criticize the tricolor coach.

Despite the new World Cup final disputed by the Blues in Qatar, Didier Deschamps had his ears ringing. Consequence mainly of the controversy around Karim Benzema, pushed to the package after being hit in the thigh, a few days before the kickoff of the World Cup. « It’s a waste, it’s a shame for him and the France team, thus still named Patrick Vieira about KB9. Because you want the best to wear this jersey. And unfortunately, with everything that happened, he didn’t get what he deserved because what he does in real life is incredible. »

These remarks sound like a criticism of Didier Deschamps and this is not the first time that the former Cannes resident has attacked his former friend in the midfield of the Blues. In the summer of 2014, he thus castigated the choice of his former captain not to coach Samir Nasri for the World Cup in Brazil. « If you want to win the world cup, you want to select the best player. And Samir, this year he was fantastic. He did everything to go to the world cup. He scored goals and made assists decided »he had launched in the columns of the Guardian, according to: “And when you are a top coach, you have to deal with the character of the players. »

Bad competition

While he was still a player, Patrick Viera had not appreciated Didier Deschamps’ criticism of Lilian Thuram more and had not failed to let it be known, showing himself without pity with the one who officiated as consultant. “As soon as people crossed over, they turned around. As they comment on the matches on TV, they feel obliged to tell two or three bullshit. I didn’t expect that from him, had he fumed. It’s a lack of respect, because I remember that at Euro 2000, he was being cut all over the place. Everyone wanted me to take their place and it hurt him. » So much so that he had no hesitation in boycotting the press even before the start of the tournament.

“Before leaving for Ostend, Didier came to see me and said: ‘I’m not going to the press and I won’t go anymore’. He considered himself the victim of a press campaign orchestrated by the team, which said: Deschamps, it’s fine, but maybe it’s time to see Vieira « , remembered last fall Philippe Tournon, the former press chief of the Blues. His teammates had not spared him either. According to Vincent Duluc, asked for a documentary devoted to Euro 2000, Christophe Dugarry would have indeed launched: “Deschamps has become a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) handicap, his right wheel is called Vieira and his left wheel is called Petit. » Proposals confirmed in half-words by the interested parties. « It’s Duga, classic », recognized Emmanuel Petit, clearly means that the rise of Patrick Vieira had not been to the taste of the tricolor captain. The beginning of a complicated relationship between the two men.