French Cup. Caen could be eliminated on green carpet

French Cup.  Caen could be eliminated on green carpet

After qualifying for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France on the pitch, Stade Malherbe de Caen could well lose everything due to an error on the score sheet.

Wednesday evening, the Normans, residents of Ligue 2, received AF Virois (National 3, 5th level of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé)). The Caennais were thus imposed without difficulty (3-0) in the late match of the 8th round, and therefore did not think they had the right to face the defending champion, namely FC Nantes, opposing design for the 32nd finals of the contest on January 7th.

A suspended player entered the game

But as the newspaper reports West FranceStade Malherbe could possibly lose the game on green carpet.

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Suspended for having received three yellow cards in less than ten games, the young player had served his suspension with the reserve team, amateur, but not among professionals. His presence on Wednesday on the match sheet of the meeting is therefore an error, which the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation should sanction with a disqualification … In favor of the small formation of National 3!