If the soccer legend gets banned from Twitch for a silly mistake…

If the soccer legend gets banned from Twitch for a silly mistake…

Actors, singers, athletes… The most and the most personalities from backgrounds very different from us and others are embarking on the adventure of streaming. However, regardless of the person’s reputation or family name, no pass right is concerning accepted the rules of Twitch !

A ban to celebrate the victory

Sergio Agueroknown as « Kun », is one of the most talented and respected (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers of his generation. Beyond his career on the pitch, Agüero has recently taken the streaming world by storm, sharing his passion for (Site notre bureau spécialisé) with fans around the world. And it is this desire to share, pushed a little too far, that has been called into question by Twitch…

He was live for Manchester semi-final second leg City against the Real Madrid. And despite agreements with Disney and ESPN for retransmission rights on a streaming platform, the former citizen club player was banned by Twitch for violation of copyright measures.

But then why and how, knowing that Sergio Agüero had all the rights? The subtlety of the residence in the fact that the authorization to live only lasts for the duration of the match, ie the 2 hours (or more if extension) of the meeting between Manchester City and Real Madrid. Malpractice for him, with the victory of his favorite club, the « Kun » let himself be intoxicated by his emotions and left the VOD of his live available for everyone.

The transition from (Site notre bureau spécialisé) to streaming

After having enjoyed an exceptional career in renowned clubs such as Atlético Madrid and Manchester City, Agüero has decided to explore new horizons by embarking on streaming, especially during the complicated period of confinement. Aware of the global craze for video games and (Site notre bureau spécialisé), he saw in streaming an opportunity to share his passion and interact with his fans in a more personal way thanks to FIFA in particular.

By broadcasting his game sessions live, Kun Agüero offers a new way to interact with his fans. The latter have the opportunity to see the player evaluated on the virtual courts, but also to hear his comments, anecdotes and personal experiences throughout his career. Agüero shares intimate moments, like stories about his teammates, his preparations before matches, and even moments of fellowship with other professional players who sometimes join him during his live streams.

Le faut also adds that Agüero has already had a (Site notre bureau spécialisé)hold in the world of gaming for a few years sinceit is possible to have an adequate esport structure: KRU Esports. The first thing that is presented on Valorant is that it is too early for the appearance of the former star of the ball around the universe of video and its competitive aspect.


We can therefore say that this (Site notre bureau spécialisé) legend has managed to conquer the world of streaming by sharing his passion for (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in an innovative and captivating way. And that all his fans are reassured: the ban should only be short-lived. The former City player should quickly return to his camera.