Laurie Delhostal, poignant message for her birthday

Three months after announcing that she had cancer, Laurie Delhostal celebrated her birthday, while trying to keep smiling.

On November 28, sports and (Site notre bureau spécialisé) enthusiasts learned that Laurie Delhostal was fighting cancer. The reporter announced herself via a message posted on social networks. Since then, the latter has not given up in her fight against the disease. Wishing to be positive and keep smiling in the ordeal, the mother gives her news from time to time. And it is on this same smiling tone that she celebrated her birthday on social networks on Friday.

A photo of a hospital door opening onto the « Oncology » department, a medical specialty dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer, such was the way Laurie Delhostal wanted to celebrate this special day with her subscribers. With a legendary humorous: And happy birthday, huh“. Fortunately for her, the former Canal+ was also treated to a little more intimate moment worthy of a real birthday since she posted a little later a photo of a well-filled coupe, with a “ tinchin in the comment.


Having received many messages for her forty-three years, she wanted to thank everyone.  » Thank you for all the sweet birthday messages. This support is magical. Even if I feel guilty all the time for not answering all the words, here and elsewhere. Often due to lack of time. This week, I spent a total of 8.5 hours in medical appointments. Not to mention the journeys to get there, the pharmacy, the phone calls for future appointments to be stalled (…). »

Despite an illness that forces her to constantly chain these famous appointments of all kinds, Laurie Delhostal remains very active professionally. If she preferred to temporarily withdraw from her television activities, she still officiates on the radio. What allow him to think of something else and to continue to talk about sport. Waiting for better days.