Lens: the elders enjoy themselves

If the Parisian leader trips up against Angers, Lens could potentially come back with a point from the head in the event of a Strasbourg victory (9 p.m.) this Wednesday, as part of the 18th day of Ligue 1. blow for this more than exciting team, which continues to delight the heroes of 1998.

« It’s an exceptional team. I find the 98 spirit, the generosity, the sparkling game, the Lensois spirit. We see a great intensity in the game with guys who live well together », estimated the former midfielder of field Stéphane Ziani in The team. « I saw the match against Paris (3-1) and, compared to last season, Lens is much stronger. () I wouldn’t say that Paris has a better team than Lens, so why not the title?  » , then ignited the Lensois top scorer of 1998, Anto Drobnjak. « PSG remains the favorite, but if it has a slack, Lens will be the troublemaker, because I don’t see them flinching, » concluded former left-back Yoann Lachor in the sports daily.

Hoping for an outcome as crazy as in 1998, when Lens won the L1 title on the final day thanks to a better goal difference than Metz (68 points each, +25 against +20).