Netherlands: Noppert’s dream

Propelled holder of the opportunity of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, when he had never honored the slightest international cap before the competition, the Netherlands goalkeeper Andries Noppert (28 years old, 4 caps) is experiencing a real veiled dream.

« When you’re little, you dream of going to the World Cup. When I was young, I also dreamed of a. But when you look at my career… I had clearly put that dream aside. I I thought it wouldn’t be possible anymore. But I kept fighting, I persisted and there was only one coach to take me here. And that’s good because it’s ours (Louis Van Gaal)! I can be proud of that », to ensure the last bastion of the Oranje at a press conference this Wednesday.

Knoppert is also ready to challenge Argentina and Lionel Messi on Friday in the quarterfinals, and why not during a penalty sanction: « It can also happen to him to miss, as he did at the start of this tournament (against Poland, editor’s note). After all, he is also a human being. Of course he is very good. But of course I would have a chance to stop him. »