PSV Eindhoven probably want to bring Malen back – BVB professional’s desired solution after Gakpo farewell

In a perfect world, I can already imagine that the painting is successful. Being able to accept the ball with space and then straight to goal with space – sort of, just like Rashica in Bremen in his successful times. But that’s just not possible at Dortmund, especially when he plays or has to play in Los Angeles. He’s just too bad in a tight space in the combination game. In the Eredivisie you could apparently cover the weakness, unfortunately not in the Bundesliga.

He’s always tried, but now may be the time to use the jerk cord and opportunity of Gakpo’s transfer and dissolve an unsuitable first player position. For the money, you will find a more suitable solution next summer, which may not be able to « play everything » in a versatile way to change, but really masters a position. And it must be a real LA that looks like Sancho at least in profile.

Quote from Arekon96

Carlos Borgers or Andreas Schjelderup are certainly both available in winter if they don’t extend their contracts, which doesn’t seem like the case at all.
Of course, they are not players who immediately strengthen BVB enormously, but both have the skills to break through a defensive line, which is exactly what Dortmund lacks at the moment.

Absolutely. Schjelderup would of course be extremely raw, but would at least be someone who looks like he can break through tough situations and be more of that advanced playmaker like Sancho already was. I never saw Borgers play.

I would have preferred the team to be streamlined in some way and play the Euroleague, knowing full well CL revenue would be wasted, instead of tinkering with the team every year until ‘she’s as inconsistent and financially bloated as she is right now.