Toni Kroos’ 400th game with Real Madrid: second longest streak since 2000

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Such a career reads very impressive.

400 Real Madrid games
205 matches Bayern Munich
106 games for Germany
48 matches Leverkusen

World champion
6× World Cup Winner
5× Champions League winner

A few anecdotes for the uninitiated:
« Against Liverpool, Kroos overtook the great Xavi in ​​the ‘pass in the final third’ category. 1,430 times in Champions League games, Kroos sent one of those passes into the most dangerous area in front of the opposing goal , plus fellow passing machines Xavi (1,421), Xabi Alonso (1,386), Cesc Fabregas (1,160) and Sergio Busquets (1,141).His success rate in this particularly busy and competitive part of the game is a amazing 89%.

« Toni Kroos also set a new record: in 69 seconds the midfielder made it 3-0 and 4-0 for the DFB selection and, according to FIFA, equaled the fastest double in the history of the World Cup so far. »

« Kroos has won more Club World Cups than any club »

For this, you will only be named (Site notre blog d’information)er of the Year in Germany once.
And then they say other countries are corrupt. Laughing

How absurd to argue with the former (Site notre blog d’information)er of the Year. Any German player or Bundesliga player can be named (Site notre blog d’information)er of the Year. During Kroos’ career, Bayern’s treble years (2013 and 2020) as well as Bayern’s incredible league streak and Germany’s World Cup victory in 2014 are all factors that speak for a generation. gold of German players and Bundesliga players. If you look at the titleholders from recent years, Manuel Neuer will catch your eye. He is unquestionably one of the best goalkeepers in the history of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and probably the best of his generation (I think two awards is almost too little). You also have Lewandowski there as second in the Bundesliga’s all-time top scorer list and single-season top scorer (also only two awards). Then there’s de Bruyne, Lahm, Boateng or an (injury-free) Reus player who doesn’t need to hide from Toni Kroos on an individual level. Also, Nkunku deserved to be named the winner last year.

With all the team’s successes, we must not forget that these Champions League titles have always been won with a Benzema and Luka Modric, who twice led Croatia to the semi-finals of the World Cup (once even in the final). There are also three titles with players like Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo. By the way, we are talking about Ballon d’Or winners in the case of Modric, Benzema and Ronaldo (5x), while Toni Kroos has never been in the top 3, deservedly so.

Kroos is certainly not a bad kicker otherwise he wouldn’t have been a Real Madrid regular for years. But unlike Modric (position comparison), he is not a player who can stand out in such a world selection. I’m glad his big mistake in the 2014 World Cup final (not coming back to Higuain’s feet) had no consequences. I also remember his cocky interview after the CL Finals 2022. Maybe Kroos should also reflect on himself and see that all that glitters isn’t gold, instead of constantly snubbing himself from the low esteem in Germany.

You at least made an effort to express your point of view on things and I respect that.

The « raisin-picking » where you select just one sentence from my post and then launch an all-out attack on Kroos, it just shows your antipathy towards him.

« Bayern’s incredible league run, Bayern’s incredible treble. »
« 2 times Lewy, 2 times Neuer, Boateng, Lahm »
By the way, you forgot Müller.

Nkunku, De Bruyne, Reus… what did they win?
Not even a CL title and having as many awards as Kroos?

Kroos has won the Champions League 5 times and is the only player to have won the World Cup 6 times.

And you can’t really compare Modric to Kroos.
Kroos plays the left 8 (beware of the right (Site notre bureau spécialisé)) and a little more defensively than Modric. Incidentally, the two greatly benefit each other.
And as you can see from the strong World Cup, the poor performance was definitely not due to Kroos.

You can compare Kroos more with Xavi and you could go into the comparison more with assists in the final third.

How many Ballon Dor Xavi, Iniesta or an Andrea Pirlo have they collected?