When Guardiola rejects the kindness of Neymar

When Guardiola rejects the kindness of Neymar

No, Manchester City don’t want Neymar. Pep Guardiola said so publicly this Wednesday at a press conference.

PSG have reportedly offered Neymar’s services to Manchester City for the upcoming season, only information from the Parisian. A backstage approach politely refused by the Citizens, who did not consider the offer attractive enough and who, above all, were not ready to satisfy their French rivals who in exchange eyed some elements among the Skyblues.

This Wednesday at a press conference, Pep Guardiola was able to confirm orally that the Brazilian phenomenon was not in the small papers of his club.  » I’m sorry but that’s not true. Their information is not correctedsaid the Catalan technician. Neymar is an incredible player and from the information I have he is a nice, capable man. But this is not true. Every summer, on an advertisement that Manchester City will buy 150 players… »

Galtier counts on Neymar

City have already hit hard this offseason by recruiting Norwegian cyborg Erling Haaland. Christophe Galtier, the PSG coach, ensures that he is counting on his troublemaker Auriverde this season, under contract until 2027. A team is always stronger with great players. And Neymar is oneblows the Marseille strategist.I know where Neymar can be comfortable, whether it’s a little higher off the hook or in front of two midfielders. Neymar, like Leo Messi, is a facilitator, a player who has the ability to find himself between the lines and to be decisive.»

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